Turley Talks Demo

Turley Talks Demo - An Example Of How Upsocial Youtube Backup Works

How you could use our free youtube backup service to make sure your content can never be taken down and will always stay Up!

Here’s a quick demo on how it will all work.ย  We start by uploading a file to youtube.

We used our chrome extension to backup the video directly from youtube. You can also useย https://add.upsocial.comย to add the video

We then get a shareable URL and an embed code to use on wordpress, or any other CRM or website

We then go back to youtube, and delete the file (simulating a takedown, or youtube being down)

RESULTS: On the left, you will see the actual youtube video using our embed, and on the right, that same embed, but with the youtube video taken down (thumbnails support for our videos coming soon). To the end user, nothing has changed, and they still get the video that was taken down with zero interaction from you.

Working Youtube Video

Video Taken Down

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